Povoado Fortificado de Cossourado

Archaeological Sites

While a fertile land, Paredes de Coura - and specially the River Coura upper basin - testified the flourishing of many fortified thorps long time ago. These thorps were usually built in highlands with good defense and visibility conditions. You can find one of these interesting “castros" at Cossourado, with an extension of about 25 greenish acres. This was where our ancestors lived, worked the iron, ploughed the fields and herded the cattle, between the 5th and the 2nd century BC… Also, here they would dedicate themselves to secondary productive activities, such as spinning, pottery, weaving and milling, as proved by the many archaeological assets found. An agitation that endured till just before the arrival of the Romans, when the thorp was abandoned precisely to avoid the invasion. Explore the area and be amazed at the well preserved housing structures – of round and oblong shape, built around a central turret and protected by a double wall defensive system -, which underwent an intensive restoration. It's also worth noticing two small shacks with thatched roofs, which were rebuilt during the requalification works. A place shrouded in mysticism that will make you wish to go back in time… And why not? Here, during the summer solstice, takes place an historical representation of older times. There’s Celtic music, a traditional supper, equestrian shows and other historical re-enactments… You'll hardly forget the experience of reliving the daily routine of our ancestors in a typical and real “castro” thorp!

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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