Casa de Covas

Manor Houses

The Minho Valley region is prolific in interesting manors, and these are usually associated to large vineyards. In Vila Nova de Cerveira, you'll find an extraordinary example of these old manors – the Casa de Covas. Also known as Casa de Carboal and established as a majorat in 1691, it belonged to Manuel Pereira Bacelar, one of the former governors of Vila Nova de Cerveira. As a private property, the visits are very limited nowadays, if not impossible. However, the surrounding area is worth visiting, where you’ll find a creek covered by a stone arch. Also pay attention to the property’s enclosing wall, where you'll find the Bacelares family coat of arms above the main gateway and two windows with gracious flirting benches on the inside. Having the chance to visit the inner garden, take a close look to the courtyard’s interesting details, especially a fountain with a rectangle pool and a small semicircular spring. Around the property, all you can see are the typical vineyards... A thousand spots to shoot your camera at!

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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