Torre da Silva

Manor Houses

The Minho region is known for its manorial houses, which are usually associated to large vineyards. That’s the case of Torre da Silva, one of the most ancient towers in the country, which has an interesting history to tell. Its foundation dates back from the beginnings of the nationality and its name derives from the Silvas, an illustrious Galician family who established their home in this tower around the 11th century. The construction that we can see today dates from the 16th century. Above the main façade, there’s the Counts of Priegue coat of arms, with the escutcheon of the Silvas in the abyss. Since it’s a private property, with an associated residence, the visits are very limited nowadays, if not impossible. Nevertheless, on the exterior and next to an extensive vineyard, it’s worth noticing all the estate’s details and imagining how it would be to arrive on horseback and enter through the gates with this majestic tower on the background.

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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