Solar dos Castros

Rural Heritage

Vila Nova de Cerveira is very rich in terms of cultural heritage buildings, not to mention its aesthetic beauty. Therefore, if this is your first visit here, get your camera ready to shoot! On one of the main town's squares, close to the Câmara Municipal, the Igreja Matriz and the castle's entrance, you'll find one of those interesting buildings - the Solar dos Castros. Take a close look at the Baroque details of the building, from the Castros’ coat of arms, with fierce lions standing as guard dogs, to the walled garden on the opposite façade, with its magnificent veranda and the round central fountain. Now that it is houses the Biblioteca Municipal, take advantage of it and try to research a little further on the locality’s history or, if you’d like something lighter, borrow a book for your holidays.

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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