Solar do Alvarinho

Manor Houses

It would be regrettable if you visited Melgaço and missed the Solar do Alvarinho, the Casa-Mãe for the Rota do Vinho Alvarinho, also known as the “Edifício dos Três Arcos”, from the 17th century. Inaugurated in 1997 in the building that used to house the Câmara Municipal and the prison, this venue originated from the need of a place to promote and divulge the famous Alvarinho wine. Maybe you’ve already tasted this famous wine variety from the Monção-Melgaço subregion. If not, this is the right place for it! There, you’ll also be able to taste other typical products, which approach us to the traditional and cultural roots of the people of Melgaço. Along its two floors, you'll find a tasting room, exhibiting all the Alvarinho wine trademarks from the municipality, a meeting room for lectures, meetings and temporary exhibitions, a bar where to taste many regional delicacies and to find some rarities, such as the wood aged Alvarinho, the sparkling wine and the Alvarinho brandy, plus a store where you can buy, besides the wine, craftsmanship (such as broidery, worsted and linen cloth), ham, typical smoked sausages, corn bread, honey and mead. And endless menu of mouth watering delicacies... You won't resist taking some bottles of wine and smoked sausages as souvenirs!

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

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