Solar da Loureira

Manor Houses

The Minho region is well-known for its amazing manors, most of them integrated in wide vineyards. Vila Nova de Cerveira is no exception, for it is prolific in this type of housing. Let us see, for instance, the Solar da Loureira, a stately home dated from the 18th century where it is possible to observe an interesting set of Baroque buildings, typical of Minho. This fine mansion, although a private property, is very worth visiting, at least on the outside. Through the iron gates, you'll be able to see the beautiful walled yard with an outstanding upper porch. Pay attention to all the interesting details in every corner and assimilate the building's peculiarity! On the yard nearby the gates, take a glimpse at the tiled fountain and the original sun clock. Outside the yard and preceding the majestic gates, pay attention to an interesting Baroque fountain brought from the Franciscan convent of São Paio do Monte in 1899, and the chapel on the north side of the building. Don't go away without enjoying the amazing views over the Minho River.

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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