Socalcos de Sistelo

Landscapes and Viewpoints

The landscape of the Sistelo terraces is certainly one of the most beautiful and imposing in the north of the country. Like the Douro wine region, here too necessity was the mother of invention. The terraces arose due to the lack of fertile soil. The result is plain to be seen. With sweat and sacrifice, the people of the land counteracted the slopes and created irrigation wells and water courses. Flecked with the yellow of the haystacks, these green and fertile platforms are washed by the river Vez, whose source lies just a few kilometres away. To better appreciate this whole panorama of undeniable beauty, walk along the narrow village streets, where, in a clearing with two benches, you can finally enjoy this wonder of nature in all its splendour. Before leaving, be sure to see the Castle House, a 19th century revivalist palace which, seen from afar, further embellishes the scenery provided by the terraces that mark this landscape.

Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo)

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