Quinta de Pentieiros


Recovery, enhancement and tourist and educational development of the production area on Quinta de Pentieiros made it possible to transform the space into a real teaching farm. This space is considered as a living museum of the agricultural world. It reproduces and shows to the public, especially to younger people, everyday rural life, as well as the main breeds and farming activities typical of the region. Promoting a direct approach to the daily experiences of an agricultural holding in Minho, Quinta de Pentieiros is a reference in the creation of a feeling of greater respect for the work carried out in the rural world. It has equipment and spaces and, at the same time, is home to a large diversity of species of flora and fauna, with a greater number of native breeds and species, distributed in three sectors: the plant production centre, the animal production centre and the forest park. Walking along a well-signposted route, shearing a sheep, riding a horse or planting several species of plants are agricultural practices you can try out here. Enjoy the contact with nature and stay in the accommodation available on the farm, such as the rural campsite, hostel, the ecological bungalows, or the shelter houses. Quinta de Pentieiros offers you an excellent opportunity to enjoy leisure activities linked to the environment and the countryside. This is, without doubt, a space for the whole family!

Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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