Povoado Fortificado da Giesteira

Archaeological Sites

At the top of Monte da Giesteira, at about 1980 feet high, you’ll find the Povoado Fortificado da Giesteira. This is one of the many “castros” in the region that were inhabited since the Iron Age till Romanization. The original places were chosen for the fertility provided by the various nearby rivers. You'll find this thorp by following a short pedestrian trail of difficult access, as you'll have to open your way through the vegetation. Halfway up, you’ll find dozens of large rounded stones that, since they’re so close to each other, served as natural shelters. Continue your walk till you reach, at the top, a large flat enclosure with an observation pillar. At that point, take your time to enjoy the magnificent views over the whole valley and, especially, over the fortified thorps of Cossourado, Cristelo, Montuzelo, Madorra and Bruzendes.

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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