Portas da Coroada

Castles and Fortresses

Walking around in the Praça-Forte de Valença, you’ll notice that it’s composed of two fortified polygons - the ancient Recinto Magistral and the more recent Obra Coroa (Crown Opus), built in the 17th century. At the oldest one, you’ll find four gates: the Portas do Sol, the Portas da Gaviarra, the Porta da Fonte da Vila and the Portas do Meio. At south of the Praça-Forte, the Revelim da Coroada consist of the Porta da Coroada and the Porta do Revelim. The latter were built in the 17th century, in 1660, by order of King Dom Pedro II. Take these ones and enter the intramural area, so as to admire the round arch portal preceded by a fixed bridge over the moat – a witness of the fortress’s martial past. At the Porta da Coroada, the city’s coat of arms marks the entrance to the Portuguese territory. Here, you’ll be instantly taken to other times. Experience the thrill of arriving at the fort and encountering a majestic doorway to something unique… Something so important that it was protected by several gates escorted by the so called “casas-mata”, where cannons were placed and the soldiers themselves stayed overnight. Immerse yourself into this magical scenery, this parallel reality impossible to imagine elsewhere than in places like this one…

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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