Porta do Sol

Forts, Castles and Ramparts

The Porta do Sol is one of the main entrances to the Praça-Forte de Valença and witnessed several important moments in the city’s history. One of them was during the Peninsular War, when General Soult’s troops besieged the Praça-Forte. In fact, in 1809, and after a valorous resistance, Napoleon’s troops took over the garrison by exploding the Door of the Sun. A distinctive feature of this door is that the floor slants inwards, a characteristic that stands for the fact that in times of war, the troops could access the walls without being noticed by the enemy armies. However, this configuration must have been imposed during the 19th century reconstruction works. This door's strategic relevance is unquestionable, since it was used by the soldiers who departed in military campaigns. Take a second look at this door, keeping this information in mind… you’ll certainly feel something different on this second approach…

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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