Ponte do Mouro

Castles and Fortresses

Between the parishes of Barbeita and Ceivães, in the area surrounding Ponte do Mouro, you’ll find one of the most beautiful places for a walk in Monção. The bridge, built over Mouro River, is a point of interest on its own on the historical and architectural levels. Built in the 14th century and improved in 1627, it has been classified as a Public Interest Real Estate. The bridge is part of an ancient pathway that started in Braga, passed through Arcos de Valdevez and headed to Valadares, Melgaço, São Gregório and the Serra da Peneda, having witnessed the transit of muleteers and pilgrims. In 1386, it also witnessed the historical meeting between Dom João I and the Duke of Lancaster, claimant to the throne of Castela. This meeting established the agreement for the Portuguese military cooperation with the English king, who wanted to conquer Castela. In this meeting, it was also agreed the marriage of the Portuguese king with the Duke’s daughter, Dona Filipa de Lencastre. A heavy historical legacy that involves the place in a spiritual and majestic aura! Besides the already referred historical interest, this bridge enjoys an amazing surrounding landscape – where we can find Capela de São Félix, the Casa do Cruzeiro, some windmills and Capela do Santo Cristo – that makes it very worth visiting. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the nearby leisure area and to spend a sunny day by the river or even plunge into it..

Monção (Viana do Castelo)

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