Pedro Macau e Espigueiro

Rural Heritage

Among the countless “espigueiros” (raccards) that exist in Monção, it stands out the Espigueiro Pedro Macau, located beside the ancient national road that communicated Monção and Melgaço. It’s worth visiting because it’s unique among all the others in Minho, due to its characteristics and since it differs from those narrower and with a single corridor. This “espigueiro” is the result of the transformation and adaptation of two old “espigueiros” - an original building very worth carefully noticing! Next to this “espigueiro” you’ll find – as its name points to – the legendary statue of Pedro Macau. According to the legend connected with this statue, Pedro Macau was a Galician foreman who supervised construction works on the right bank of Minho River, in front of Ponte de Mouro. Known as being a bad tempered man, he mistreated his workers, which included some Portuguese workers under the command of master Francisco Luís Barreiros. However, as the relationship between these two tenders was quarrelsome, some small revenges arouse, which led to the dismissing of the Portuguese workers. Back to Ponte de Mouro, Francisco Luís Barreiros decided to erect a satiric statue to Pedro Macau. Placed on top of his house’s gateway, the statue represents a kneeling Pedro Macau bearing the weight of a rafter.

Monção (Viana do Castelo)

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