Pedra dos Namorados (Ermida, Museum)

Archaeological Sites

With the romantic designation Pedra dos Namorados (Lovers’ Stone), this impressive 1.80 m high granite slab represents two anthropomorphic figures, one female and one male, holding hands. Dating from the Iron Age, or more likely from the Romanization period, it is believed to be a gravestone engraved with commemorative, funerary, religious or geographical functions. It was originally found next to Branda de Bilhares (old temporary mountain village currently called Veiga dos Namorados), an area with agro-pastoral characteristics once occupied by Romans, just two kilometres outside the mountain village of Ermida, in Serra Amarela. Ermida offers amazing views of the surrounding landscape, but you can also visit the museum, the Núcleo Museológico da Ermida, which houses a collection of ancient artefacts from the region, such as the aforementioned Pedra dos Namorados, or the statue menhir, a rare female anthropomorphic sculpture dated between the end of the third millennium and the middle of the second millennium BC.


Ponte da Barca (Viana do Castelo)

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