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The Paisagem Protegida do Corno do Bico, along with the Parque Nacional da Penede-Gerês, is one of the few natural nooks in the country where the vegetation is practically virgin. You wouldn’t be able to imagine such a beautiful landscape if you have never seen it... Wandering through its nearly 5370 acres - with almost 91% of it included in the municipality of Paredes de Coura – you’ll fell as if you were in a natural sanctuary… The majesty and pulchritude if the elements won’t leave you unimpressed! After being proclaimed protected landscape area in 1999, it was awarded with a Centro de Educação e Interpretação Ambiental (C.E.I.A), located at Chã de Lamas, in 2007. This interpretative centre provides the information you need to better understand this magnificent territory and hosts lectures on the same subject in its auditorium. If you’d like to stay overnight, you can ask at the Casa do Professor or at one of the common dormitories. To ease your hunger, there’s a canteen with a kitchen and a dinning hall at your disposal. Explore this wide and heterogeneous territory, climbing up the summit of Corno de Bico – the highest point, with about 2900 feet high – and, at the descent, passing by agglomerations of granite blocks and dense streams that, at certain points, form small lagoons, such as the Lagoa da Salgueirinha, one of the River Coura’s fountainheads. Meanwhile, notice the richness of this landscape’s biodiversity: at the flora’s level, there are 72 identified species, from which it stands out the turf moor of the Lameiro das Cebolas, the common sundew - a rare species of carnivorous plant -, the cotton flower, the arnica and the bog bean. This place is also known for the abundance of mushrooms that one finds there. There are about 35 species, very appreciated by the locals as food or as a medicine. As far as the fauna is concerned, its variety won’t disappoint you either! There’s the common partridge, the warbler, the harrier, the wild rabbit, the snub-nosed viper, the goshawk, the sparrow hawk, the green woodpecker, the bat, the doe and, of course, the wolf! Walk around, observe, take pictures, but remember: always respecting and without affecting this wonderful and harmonious space of such rare natural beauty…

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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