Paço do Outeiral

Manor Houses

In search for a relaxing weekend, a tourist couple climbs the stairs towards the reception. It’s a typical sunny spring morning at this farm-house from the end of the 17th century, which was converted in a hotel in 1997. These newly arrived tourists are going to repose on the same place where pilgrims, full of hope and faith but exhausted, recovered their energy before continuing their journey. The path towards Saint James of Compostela still lies right next to the Paço. If you make an effort and close your eyes, it’s not hard to imagine these chanting pilgrims walking through the vineyards, enjoying the green landscape with the river on the background or praying at Convento de Santa Ana, which probably existed here in the 17th century. For them, who now sleep eternally, the farm-house's Baroque Revival architecture and its eighty-three thousand square yards are meaningless. For those who are now resting here, the memory of this ancient lodging house would be also transient if it weren’t for the informative posters that help to establish that ephemeral bridge with the past. The Casa do Presidente, the old raccards and the chapel are mere places where to shoot some nice weekend photo memories.

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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