Núcleo Museológico dos Moinhos de Montedor e Farol

Cultural Spaces

The Montedor mills seem to be out of a dream. Montedor, in Viana do Castelo Municipality, has one of the most beautiful and well preserved mills in Portugal. They appeared in the past as a result of the wealth in local cereal. At this Museum Centre, you can visit the only windmill with wooden trapezoidal sails in Portugal: Marinheiro Mill. But there are other examples which have been restored and are still in operation, such as the Cima mill, from 1835. With cloth sails, this mill houses the information centre. In addition to helping and advising visitors, this space allows you, with prior booking, to taste the fruits of the land. A visit to Montedor Lighthouse is mandatory. It is the northernmost on the coast of mainland Portuguese, and stands 28 metres high. Its construction was repeatedly delayed, but it was eventually concluded in 1910. To finish your tour, there is nothing like a walk along the trails between the Montedor windmills of and the Palace Fortress to reveal the landscape and archaeological wealth of the region.

Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo)

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