Museu Regional de Paredes de Coura

Cultural Spaces

Behind the Câmara Municipal, you’ll find one of the most interesting museums in the municipality - the Museu Regional de Paredes de Coura. Quartered at Quinta da Veiga - an original residential building dated from the 18th century, where there’s also a typical raccard! - this museum aims to promote, preserve and divulge the municipality's cultural heritage, with special emphasis to the ethnographic, archaeological and artistic heritage. The building is a must see on its own, since it is a fine example of the region’s rural architecture, with some traces of aristocracy. Is there a better way to know the “Granary of Minho" than visiting a house where the strong rural traditions of the municipality actually took place? Open to the public since 1997, nowadays it shows a wide range of ethnographic assets, as well as a recovered rural house where you’ll be able to learn about the life on a rich homestead at the end of the 19th century. Your kids will love the fully equipped kitchen - with the boiling pot inviting for a family meal -, the living room - with shining chinaware on the cupboards -, and the bedrooms - with ancient ornamented furniture… You'll have to persuade your children to leave this wonderful playhouse and come back to reality! The wide collection of agricultural implements also deserves a closer look, as well as the pictures and informative posters about the agricultural techniques used in the third quarter of the 19th century. These pictures depict the cultivated fields from ancient times, where men and women worked from sun to sun, whether it rained or the sun shone… Besides the ethnographic collection - which encompasses appliances from the linen cycle, regional garments and furniture, as well as tableware and sacred art from the Casa do Outeiro -, you can also enjoy an archaeological exhibition, whose assets proceeded from the Povoado Fortificado de Cossourado. A range of objects that will delight the younger and the older ones!

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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