Museu do Traje

Cultural Spaces

The traditional Viana do Castelo costume represents one of the most popular traditions and which is most expressive of the Viana identity. The Costume Museum is the ideal space to see these precious treasures. Dedicated to the preservation of ethnographic traditions, this collection is made up of 900 pieces. There is not one, but several types of costume: for work, for Sundays, and even the black bridal dresses, one of the best-known in Portugal and beyond the borders. There is also a temporary exhibition about Viana rural culture and you can take advantage of the educational services and pedagogical activities. To enjoy, live and in colour, the girls in formal Viana attire, don't miss the opportunity to go to the colourful Costume Festival, which takes place every year during the Nossa Senhora da Agonia Pilgrimage, in August. It is the celebration of the "Woman of Viana", in a procession abundant in colour, passion and tradition!

Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo)

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