Museu do Brinquedo

Cultural Spaces

Welcome to the fantasy world of the Portuguese Toy Museum. This space features a collection of about 2000 toys, selected from 30 thousand pieces, all from the collection of Carlos Anjos. From the beginning of the 19th century to 1986, the date Portugal joined the European Community, feast your eyes on the many rarities. Here you will find tops, papier-mâché dolls, tin soldiers, trains, almost all nationally made. The museum is for all ages. For the children of today and of the past. Recall the infant universe, from rattles to pedal cars, traversing the world of plastics to PVC dolls. There are many contexts to help you understand the path of Portuguese toys over the years. The zinc train, for example, can tell the story of some of the most important national toy manufacturers. Other pieces in the collection, arranged in chronological order, illustrate the socio-political transformations of the world with an impact at national level. At the end of the visit, after reviewing 100 years of the history of toys, continue your trip through the Arnado gardens and the historical town of Ponte de Lima. The Portuguese Toy Museum is on the other side of the Roman bridge, in Largo da Alegria, beyond the bridge in Arcozelo.

Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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