Miradouro de Nossa Senhora das Neves

Landscapes and Viewpoints

A mosaic of landscapes - this is the slogan of Caminha. From the viewpoint of the Nossa Senhora Das Neves shrine, this mosaic is plain to be seen, with a panoramic view over the town of Caminha, the Atlantic Ocean and the mouth of the River Minho. The Portuguese and Galician villages on both banks of the river and the Monte de Santa Tecla as a backdrop make a beautiful landscape. The Nossa Senhora Das Neves shrine, with a baroque chapel, is one of the sacred places of the Municipality. Here, on 5 August, one of the oldest festivals in the municipality is held. The surrounding area offers excellent conditions that appeal to conviviality, with stone tables and benches in the shade of the new reforestation. Bring family and friends and enjoy everything this natural corner has to offer!

Caminha (Viana do Castelo)

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