Mata Nacional do Camarido

Protected and classif. sites

The Camarido National Forest, planted by order of king, D. Dinis, is located near the mouth of the River Minho, between the beaches of Moledo and the mouth of the Minho. There are approximately 164 hectares of pristine forest, where the shade of the pine trees gives way to an unparalleled freshness and the various existing paths offer optimum conditions for healthy races or quiet walks or bicycle rides. Here is the ideal haven for relaxation after a long day of work or for fun with family and friends. Whether you are walking, running or pedalling, you can feel the sea breeze with the perfume of the forest. In the middle of the forest stands the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso, surrounded by greenery. It was built to mark the Portuguese victory against the French army in 1809. At the entrance to the forest, overlooking the mouth of the River Minho, there is no lack of support infrastructures, such as a picnic park, a playground, bars and restaurants with the best snacks, a campsite, a car park, and the Morber Municipal Stadium with artificial turf, available for rent. It is an authentic paradise, with a magnificent view of the imposing Ínsua Fortress. The fortress is on a small rocky island. Nobody is immune to the beauty of the Camarido Forest! Follow the winding sandy trails in this enchanted forest by the sea!

Caminha (Viana do Castelo)

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