Marginal do Rio Minho – Doca de Recreio


The riverine area of Cerveira is one of the town’s most requested places, especially when the sun rises. On one side, this magnificent riverside avenue runs along the River Minho and, on the other side, along the railway, where the town’s urban area is also visible. Walk slowly along the way and enjoy the quietness emanated by the river. Start your stroll at the AquaMuseu/Parque do Castelinho and end up at the Fórum Cultural. Throughout the way, you’ll find many benches and shadowy trees – an invitation to moments of calmness and meditation with amazing views over the River Minho. Further, you’ll be able to glimpse Galiza’s shores, especially the white houses of Tomiño. At approximately half way through the riverside road, you’ll find the recreational pier where, especially at weekends, you can see several fishing boats and a ferryboat with a small bar. Along the near one mile riverside road, notice the many standing sculptures, as if we weren’t in the Vila das Artes!

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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