Igreja Românica de Rubiães

Religious Heritage

In the Middle Age, in the heydays of the way towards Santiago de Compostela, the religious heritage of Paredes de Coura underwent a major revitalization. It was then, specifically in the 13th century, that the Igreja Românica de Rubiães, also known as Igreja de São Pedro, was built facing this important path. Here, many pilgrims heading to Compostela would make a stop to pray and recover their strength before continuing their walk. Wander through the church’s yard and discover a milestone – the “Caracala” – that testifies its connection to the medieval path. Next to this milestone, you’ll also be able to glimpse a set of medieval tombs which belonged to an ancient cemetery. From the church’s primitive structure, there’s still the portico with three archivolts, the main chapel and the side walls. The bell tower, which stands out in the main façade, was later built in the 17th century. On the inside, pay attention to the interesting murals dated from the same century. Visit this magnificent example of Romanesque in Alto Minho, one of the ex-libris of the heritage of Paredes de Coura!

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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