Igreja Matriz de Vila Nova de Cerveira

Religious Heritage

Located in the heart of Vila Nova de Cerveira, halfway between the two main town's squares, the Igreja Matriz is the neuralgic centre of the people's daily life. On one side, you'll find the Câmara Municipal and the library building and, on the other side, the castle’s entrance and Capela de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda. The zone’s offer is completed by several cafes and restaurants with pleasant esplanades. As far as the church is concerned, its origin dates back from the 16th century, although the present structure originated from improvements made in the 18th century and from its reconstruction in 1881. This last reconstruction, intense and thorough, was due to severe damages caused by a storm in 1877 – the main chapel was the only structure left standing. On the inside, of an undeniable architectural beauty, don't miss the main altar and the carvings in national style, depicting the Adoration of the Magi and the Apocalypse, as well as an image of São Cristóvão. After taking a look at these interesting details, how about a little rest on one of the said nearby esplanades?

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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