Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Orada

Religious Heritage

At the locality of Orada, on the way out of Melgaço towards São Gregório by the old national road, you’ll find one of the most devoted temples in the municipality - the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Orada. Located in the surroundings of the town, this church has been a major place of devotion since its construction in the 13th century. Its toponym, Orada, means place of prayer and pilgrimage in Portuguese. The contrast between the architectonic richness of the temple and the quietness of the place makes it a mystic and truly charming one. In spite of being an interesting late Romanesque building, classified as a National Monument, it presents some gothic elements. The most significant and original Romanesque vestiges are found in the main façade, where the main gate is inserted in a rectangular frame toped by a cornice with mutules and escorted by counterforts. Also notice the north gate, where it stands out the “Tree of Life” drawn up on the tympanum, escorted by a griffon and a Harpy. After learning all of these details, take advantage of the church's location and enjoy the magnificent views over Melgaço.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

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