Igreja / Convento de Paderne

Religious Heritage

You’ll find buildings of unquestionable architectonic and historic value in practically every corner of the municipality of Melgaço. In Paderne, specifically at the locality of Convento, you can visit one of those interesting constructions - the Convento de Paderne, also known as the Igreja do Divino Salvador, which belonged to this ancient convent. It used to pertain to a feminine Order that, in 1225, was substituted by the Ordem dos Cónegos Regrantes de Santo Agostinho. Moreover, this was the Order who, forty years later, built the Romanesque church. The only remains from this ancient convent are three faces from the cloister that, although in ruins, deserves a visit for its superb architectonic details. Then visit the inside of the church - passing through the interesting Romanesque portal - and be amazed with the 17th century tiles on one of the walls, the golden carved retable on the main chapel and the many wooden polychrome figures. From the former church, dated from the 12th century, there’s only a frieze fragment and an interesting capital depicting the Harrowing of Hell. On the outside, take a walk on the wide courtyard immerged in silence.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

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