Centro Cultural de Paredes de Coura

Cultural Spaces

The major institution in terms of cultural development in the municipality is the Centro Cultural, a modern building comprising an exhibition room and two auditoriums. It’s the perfect place where to enjoy cultural and recreational activities, from cinema to music shows and from conferences to seminaries and lectures. In the auditorium known as the “studio”, you’ll be able to watch movies every weekend, while the other activities take place in the other auditorium called "multipurpose room". In addition, there's a pleasant bar where to relax after a concert or take a break during a seminar. If you only wish to visit the exhibitions, the entrance is free. However, you’ll have to buy tickets if you want to watch any show. You’ll have a wide range of activities at your disposal to cheer up your evenings.

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

41.912095, -8.5633698