Castelo de Santa Cruz

Archaeological Sites

Breathe the fresh air! You’ve arrived at Monte do Castelo. The information panel at the entrance leaves no doubt. This is a genuine site, favouring contact with nature. As you go down the slope overlooking Vila Fonche village, you will encounter many oak trees. In fact, if you visit between September and October, you can expect to see people picking acorns. The path to reach the remains of the Castle is a little rocky, so wear comfortable shoes. Your effort will be rewarded with a broad panoramic view over the town and the valleys of the rivers Vez and Vade and the junction with the River Lima. The Castelo de Santa Cruz took on an important role in the past, as support for defense and safety and encouraging people to settle. There are still vestiges of the old defensive structure in medieval military architecture that will provide you with excellent photographs.

Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo)

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