Castelo de Castro Laboreiro

Forts, Castles and Ramparts

Wandering through the heights of Monte de Castro Laboreiro, in the heart of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, you’ll find the ancient fortress of Castro Laboreiro and, at the same time, enjoy one the most magnificent views in Melgaço. To get there, the path is somehow difficult, and you'll have to walk most of the way till you reach around 3.400 feet high. However, upon arriving, you'll easily forget the path you left back by the surrounding beauty and grandiosity. From the ancient medieval fortress, almost in ruins, you’ll be able to see the remainder of its walls, the keep and an old cistern. The main gate, called Porta do Sol, is located on the eastern side, while the Porta da Traição (or Porta do Sapo), on the northern side, gives access to the inner yard. This place’s history starts back in the Iron Age, although this fortress was later built by order of King Afonso Henriques. After being destroyed by a severe storm, King Dinis rebuilt it, which proves its strategic and historic importance, reinforcing the mysticism it transmits. Besides the history pertaining to this place, the views it provides are also worth visiting.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

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