Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez

Cultural Spaces

The Arcos de Valdevez Casa das Artes is the main cultural area in the municipality. Located in an 18th century historical building, also known as "Casa de Terreiro", it benefits from a privileged location between the parish church and the Church of the Holy Spirit, with the main facade opposite the Centenários Park. Currently, it houses the Tomaz de Figueiredo Municipal Library, an auditorium and an exhibition area. As you wander around inside, pay close attention to all the details. On the ground floor, there are specific areas for the young. On the staircase that leads to the main floor, a large skylight lets in natural light. In the five halls on the upper floor, be sure to observe the ceilings, displaying beautiful paintings on canvas and stucco. In the architectural intervention that this monument was subject to, care was taken to create functional and comfortable spaces, highlighting the most important elements of the house. The former kitchen, for example, gave way to a media room, and a large chimney was preserved. The cultural programme is vast, with art exhibitions, music, theatre and cinema. For the moments of leisure, go around the building and relax on the terrace of the bar overlooking the River Vez!

Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo)

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