Capela Militar do Bom Jesus

Religious Heritage

On your visit to Valença, and passing by the center of Coroada, don’t miss the Baroque Capela do Bom Jesus, built in the 16th century at the fortress’s gates by order of Pedro Saavedra, the notary of the Spanish city of Pontevedra. Later on, it was rebuilt at its present location, according to Manuel Pinto Vilalobos project and inaugurated in 1700. Transpose its round arch portal and go inside, where you’ll be delighted by the neoclassic decoration of the polychromatic carved retables and a triptych from the 15th century depicting Santo Estêvão. Between the 18th and 20th centuries, it functioned as a military chapel, which is evident from its heraldic consisting of three Portuguese coat of arms. However, what drives the most visitors towards this chapel is placed on a corbel at the south wall: a small image of Nossa Senhora do Carmo protected by a bell jar. It’s the patron saint of the Regimento de Infantaria nº21, and it’s impressive to find out that this image accompanied the troops during the Campanhas Peninsulares against Napoleon's armies, always carried by a soldier on his backpack. On your way out, stop at the yard for a while and notice the statue of an honorable fellow citizen – São Teotónio, the first Portuguese Saint.

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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