Capela de Ecce Homo

Religious Heritage

The Capela de Ecce Homo, dated from the 18th century, is a valuable example of Baroque art and of the regional rococo style. It stands out the intensity of the forms, specially the magnificence of the main façade – an imposing sumptuousness that makes us behold in silence. Climb up the two wide flights of stairs, go through the axial portal and, on the inside, be amazed at the decorative details that take us to the reign of Dona Maria, with some bouquets, flowers and rosary beads. Dated from 1776, this temple underwent many transformations, which justifies the diversity of architectonic styles it shows. At the end of your visit, wander around the harmonious yard while assimilating all the curious surrounding details, specially the frontal Calvary.

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

41.91952, -8.54347