Branda da Seida


Reaching Branda da Seida is a challenge for adventurers and mountain lovers. As with all activities that involve the mountain, planning the trip is very important. It needs time, physical availability and a good map. A large part of the route is done on foot. By car, take a cobbled route near Rouças-Gavieira village, on the road to São Bento do Cando and then to Branda de Gorbelas. With your backpack filled with food and water, take the path towards Seida following the red and yellow markings. The landscape of Serra da Peneda is inhospitable, but at the same time beautiful and imposing. Take a deep breath when you get there… The branda is built on granitic soil and has pastures and is bathed by the spring water source that flows into Feicha stream, a tributary of the River Gingiela. Don't leave before seeing the circular cortelhos and the wolf pit, two key elements for understanding the occupation of the mountain over these long centuries of history. At the end of this adventure, you can embrace many more on the Peneda-Gerês trails!

Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo)

41.945124, -8.284279