Barragem da EDP

Castles and Fortresses

Situated on the River Lima, the Alto Lindoso dam is still the most powerful national grid supplier. It came into operation in 1992 and beat several records. It has the biggest drop between the level of the reservoir and the turbine room and the elevator is one of the highest and fastest in Europe. In addition to producing energy, the dam has a regulatory function and avoids sudden variations in the flow of the river. Be sure to visit the machine house, located 340 metres underground, which has served as a stage to some events, including a music concert. Admire the ceiling which replicates the starry sky seen in Lindoso. To complete the experience, we suggest a visit to the no less interesting old Lindoso Plant, from 1922, the first major hydroelectric plant in Portugal. In Paradamonte Village, whose development is intrinsically linked with the energy industry, take a look at the interior of the plant, with its old machines and peculiar coloured tiles. It is a unique opportunity to discover an industry that has been so influential in the history of Ponte da Barca.

Ponte da Barca (Viana do Castelo)

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