Aldeia de Germil

Rural Villages

Nestled in Serra Amarela, Germil Village preserves the rural environment and the community experience of olden times. Concentrated in two clusters of typical houses with doors and windows in a reddish brown, Germil has narrow streets, stone paving and water gushing from all corners. On the top of one of the granite granaries, there is a sundial, a memory of bygone days. There is also an old watermill and the church dating from 1880. Germil is the ideal place to relax, enjoy pleasant moments of reflection and give free rein to the mountain explorer in you. In the vicinity of the village, you will find Fojo do Lobo (wolf pit), which stretches over 1400 metres on the west bank of the River Germil valley. On the same road, towards the village, you can see some silhas, circular stone buildings that served to protect the beehives from bear attacks, when they still existed in this region.

Ponte da Barca (Viana do Castelo)

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