Aldeia da Ermida

Rural Villages

Your arrival at Ermida Village will be marked by a fantastic viewpoint. Wherever you look, you will see breathtaking landscapes and animals grazing freely. In fact, pastorage and agriculture are the most important economic activities in the village. The Ermida Museum Centre is next to the church. In this space you can appreciate the testimony to the cultural heritage of the region, with emphasis on the Pedra dos Namorados and the menhir statue, a granite monolith that symbolically represents a female figure. Before you leave and after taking a stroll around the interior of this village which still maintains the characteristics of community life, it is worthwhile going up to Branda de Bilhares. A stone road, flanked by woods and emerald green fields, will take you to Branda de Bilhares, whose structure has beeen preserved almost untouched, a true example of popular architecture and granite masonry constructions.

Ponte da Barca (Viana do Castelo)

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