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Lerisure Port of Vila Praia de Âncora

Portos, Marinas, Docas e Pontões de Recreio

At 2 miles to the South, the "Enseada de Âncora" is formed, which is 0.8 Miles long in the North/ South direction with 0.3 Miles of sack. At its ends there are two forts: the one on the South called Forte do Cão and the one on the North called Forte da Lagarteira. As a navigation aid to facilitate access, a luminous heading to the Heading: 071º is established, formed by two red and white prismatic columns.

The port is formed in the area protected by a 215 m shelter dam (Molhe Oeste) that starts from the coast to the course: 178º marked at its tip by column with red and white stripes and red light and a 180 m counter dam that part of the beach forming a concave angle that ends at course 262, also demarcated at its tip, and which leaves a 65-metre mouth with very little draught (less than 1 m at low tide) and sand and stone bottoms. North of the port in the Lagarteira fort, the signal mast rises, where, when the entrance is impractical, a red light is turned on. From the west wall of the fortress, emit a foghorn.

There is no good shelter space within this facility. With low tide and wind, it's best not to try to approach. If weather conditions allow it, it is possible to anchor in depths of 2 to 4 meters in front of the dike. Bear in mind that the north wind, although in the morning the breeze blows out to sea, can end up making anchoring uncomfortable.

Capitania do Porto de Caminha Delegação Marítima de VilaPraia de Âncora

Forte da Lagarteira - Campo do Castelo, 4910-430 Vila Praiade Âncora

Tlf.: +351258 100 320




Caminha ( Viana do Castelo )

  41.815281,-8.867031 (Ver mapa)

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