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Darque Anchorage

Portos, Marinas, Docas e Pontões de Recreio

In bad weather conditions with strong waves from the west or southwest, especially, between November and March, this can be dangerous access. In good weather, the wind can blow strongly in the afternoon and from the North during the summer months, which means that when leaving Cabedelo Beach to starboard, the area will be crowded with kite surfers, windsurfers, and jet skiers.

The entrance channel, marked by lighted buoys, is dredged to 8 meters in-depth down to the commercial dock, and its access to the marina, located at the end of the channel before the Eiffel Bridge, is dredged to 3.5 meters.

Beware of strong currents from the sea during rising tide to the North and during ebb tide to the South. It can reach an intensity of 0.8 knots with north-winds and may have persistent fogs between May and September.

We will start entry to Viana from the coordinates 41°40'7.68 "North and 8°54'59.46 "West, then at the lighthouse of the breakwater with a course of 054° and a distance of 0.57 M, we drop to port with a bearing of 086° to sail for 0.57M, passing 530 meters to the South of the breakwater.

Subsequently, we will steer at coordinates 41º 40' 9.78" North 008º 50'29.7" West heading to the dredged channel corresponding to the lighthouse white-light of North sectors in Senhora da Agonia.

We will continue at coordinates 41°40'52.88 "North 8°50'16.51 "West along the buoys channel until reaching the Darque anchorage area.

Capitania do Porto de Viana do Castelo

Largo Mestre César 4900-325 Viana do Castelo

Tlf.: Secretaria civil: +351 258 070 553 / +351 258 070 556

Secretaria Militar: +351 258 070 552



Viana do Castelo ( Viana do Castelo )

  41.688399,-8.821146 (Ver mapa)

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