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Access point to the river Minho from Morentão

Portos, Marinas, Docas e Pontões de Recreio

The access to this resource, located in the parish of Prado, is by road. Coming from Avenida Centro de Estágios, in Melgaço, turn left onto Rua de Morentão at coordinates 42.11511,-8.27243, continuing along this street, past the Picnic Park towards passadiços de Melgaço, from this point to the access to the river, it is 322.15 metres. This site has a car park. It should be noted that this feature is part of the Pesqueiras Trail. The waters of the river Minho at this point are swift and rough, favourable for rafting, an experience that should be accompanied by professionals in the field. Local companies specialising in nautical activities regularly promote this type of experience.

Câmara Municipal de Melgaço

Largo Hermenegildo Solheiro

4960-551 Melgaço

Telf.: 251 410 100




Melgaço ( Viana do Castelo )

  42.119389,-8.278972 (Ver mapa)

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