Torre de São Paulo, Torre da Cadeia e vestígios da muralha

Forts, Castles and Ramparts

It was Dom Pedro I, in the 14th century, who ordered the fortification of Ponte de Lima. At that time, the town was a walled settlement with a 600-metre perimeter, surrounded by 10 towers and 6 gates. In the 18th century and the inevitable urban sprawl, came the dismantling of the defensive system. The São Paulo Tower, the Prison Tower and a small section of wall remain from the vestiges of the old medieval walls. The São Paulo Tower is covered by a terrace and the part facing the river features a beautiful tile panel depicting Dom Afonso Henriques and the legend of Cabração. The Old Prison Tower owes its name to the fact that it was a place of imprisonment. It currently houses the Tourist Information Office and an exhibition gallery. On the banks of the Lima, the two towers stand proudly in the horizon. They are a good excuse to take a walk along the riverside, with its extensive sandy stretch. Along the way, there are marks on the ground in the town, and you can imagine how the ancient walls would have been in all their splendour. Be sure to climb the wall and enjoy the superb view of the Roman bridge.

Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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