Termas de Monção


Located at the Parque das Caldas, on the shores of Minho River, the Termas de Monção is one of the town's ex-libris. Surrounded by wide green spaces, it offers amazing views over the river and, on the opposite shore, over Salvaterra. Its medicinal waters, which flow from the springs of Santa Maria and Nossa Senhora da Saúde, are suitable for healing respiratory system, rheumatic, muscle and bone, skin, circulatory system, metabolic/endocrine, urinary system, blood, nervous system and digestion diseases. In 2001, the Câmara Municipal inaugurated the new Termas building, one of the most modern and functional spas in the country. With an area of 15.980 square feet, it allows to provide for around 190 simultaneous treatments, from physiotherapy and quinotherapy to swim-recovery, showers, immersions, inhalations and sprayings. Next to this modern building, the former mineral spa premises are also worth visiting, specially the beautiful garden that can be accessed through a door on the third floor which takes us over a concrete bridge to this romantic spot. In the surroundings, wander through the Parque das Caldas, a gracious space bordered by the town walls and Minho River. You’ll find footpaths and small bridges for a stroll, a playground, a bar, a tennis court and a pool. The superb views over the river and, on the other shore, Spain, complete the offer. All what you need to heal body and mind on a single place!

Monção (Viana do Castelo)

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