Palácio dos Viscondes de Carreira ou dos Távoras

Manor Houses

Viana do Castelo is a city of great beauty that presents us with magnificent monuments. An example of this is the imposing Palace of the Visconts of Carreira or of Távoras, classified as a national monument. Did you know that this is where the Town Hall of Viana do Castelo has been based, since 1972? This building, built in the 16th century, at the request of Ferdinand Brandão, features different decorations on its two fronts: one in a classic style and the other in a neo-Manueline revivalist style. In the centre, be sure to check out the coat of arms of the Abreu Lima line that has replaced that of the Távoras, destroyed during the period of the Marquis of Pombal [Marquês de Pombal]. If you have the opportunity to visit the inside of the chapel, enjoy the Baroque carving of the altarpiece, in the "national style". The decorative paintings were done by a local Viana painter called João Baptista Rio. After the visit, walk the Walk of the Mordomas da Romaria towards the Praça da República, admire the houses with typical balconies and discover a part of history in every corner of this gracious city!

Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo)

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