Palácio da Brejoeira

Manor Houses

You can’t leave Monção without visiting the famous Palácio da Brejoeira – a magnificent dwelling that started being built in the beginning of the 19th century and was only concluded thirty years later. Some time ago, it was the centre of large properties that are nowadays merged into one extensive area where the famous Alvarinho wine is produced, as well as a genuine eau-de-vie. Since 1977 that it has been a reference in the production of this variety of white wine grape, so don't miss it and have a taste of this excellent wine. Walk through the gates and pay attention to the neoclassic decoration of the inner rooms as well as of the chapel and the theatre room. On the outside – which you can ultimately admire through the gates – there’s a magnificent roof garden surrounded by walls. Besides being connected to the Alvarinho wine variety - which you can't possibly miss! - this fine aristocrat dwelling is also known by the famous meeting between António de Oliveira Salazar and General Franco in 1950 held there. Therefore, it’s a house of great historical value and sumptuousness.

Monção (Viana do Castelo)

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