Núcleo Rural de Reirigo

Rural Villages

Is there a better way to learn about the customs and traditions of Alto Minho than venturing through the alleys of a small village? The rural village of Reirigo, in the parish of Formariz, is the perfect spot to start your exploration. When walking around this picturesque village, wherever you go you’ll bump into pastures for colts and bovine cattle. Wandering among stone houses and ancient raccards induces a sense of calmness and bucolicism that makes us feel instantaneously relaxed… Further on, you’ll pass by a drinking fountain made of stone, where you can take a sip, and by a small chapel with a Calvary, where to take advantage of the yard’s benches for a little rest before proceeding your way… If you come across one of the village’s few inhabitants (they’re only eight!), why not trying to exchange some words and learn something more about this small village?

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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