Museu Rural de Taião

Cultural Spaces

Is there a better place to know the essence of a region than visiting a museum that exhibits the local ethnography? That’s what the Museu Rural de Taião, built upon an ancient parochial residence, offers. Among the many objects exhibited, it stands out the typical garb of Taião - tailored according to traditional weaving techniques -, and several appliances related to the wolfram mines. Additionally, you’ll find some looms and assets related to the linen craftsmanship, as well as a variety of agricultural implements, some of them still used in the region. This interesting collection completes with some embroidery, furniture, bullock carts and tableware. A once in a lifetime opportunity to know the profuse cultural heritage of Taião!

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

41.998477, -8.5911117