Mosteiro / Convento de Fiães

Religious Heritage

Among the vast religious heritage of Melgaço, we highlight the interesting Romanesque church of the disappeared Mosteiro de Fiães, also known as the Convento de Santa Maria de Fiães. The historians are not consensual about its origins: while some of them claim that this is a construction from the Ordem de Cister, others believe that part of the monument is far more ancient, dated from the times when the Ordem Beneditina lived here, in the middle of the 12th century. According to the latter, the architectural separation between the Cluniac, from the Ordem de São Bento, and the Cistercians happened around the end of the 12th century, somewhere between 1173 and 1194. From the original building, there’s still the body of three naves and four spans, separated by longitudinal archways of round arches. From the latest construction, we can still admire the tripartite and stepped chevet of square design, the apse of two spans and, on the whole, the simple and austere decoration. Additionally, observe the church façade – and notice the Cistercians coat of arms –, go through the magnificent ogival portal of multiple archivolts and explore the church's interior, with special attention to the Mannerist altar and the golden carved Baroque retable. Don’t miss this majestic Romanesque temple, classified as a National Monument.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

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