Miradouro e Castro de Santo Estevão

Landscapes and Viewpoints

Situated on a small elevation in Facha Valley, the Castro of Santo Estevão is a mystical place. Marked by prehistoric traces, the castro was settled during the Iron Age until the middle of the first century after Christ. As you climb the long staircase, it is impossible not to notice the bell tower, which is distinguished by being away from the nave of the chapel of Santo Estevão, at the top of the hill. Note the detail of the bells of 1967. This is definitely a place that invites you to enjoy the scenery. Various structures from the castro period remain in the location and you can still see a significant set of housing clusters, in particular the traces of the circular-shaped stone houses. This is one of the few places in the North of Portugal where Attic pottery was discovered from the end of the 4th century before Christ. This precious collection is on display in the Terceiros Museum in Ponte de Lima. Pay a visit and round off your trip with a visit to this magnificent example of the castro culture.

Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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