Igreja Matriz de Melgaço

Religious Heritage

Wandering through the narrow alleys of the Town’ historical centre, you'll find the Mother Church, also known as the Igreja de Santa Maria da Porta - named after its proximity to the ancient castle's main door. Although it was built in 1187, the present structure is the result of sequent reformations. It underwent many changes during the Baroque Age, though two worth admiring Romanesque gateways remained. Walk through one of those gateways, the one on the main façade, and explore the inside, where it stands out a retable dated from the end of the 16th century by António Figueiroa, on the left side chapel. Back to the outside, observe the bell tower and the details surrounding the gateway. Around the church, on the north side, you’ll find an interesting relief above a portal which, according to some authors, represents a wolf, while others claim it's a lion. An interesting detail considering the religious nature of the building. After absorbing all of these details, take advantage of the nearby regional restaurants to take a rest and have a soothing meal.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

42.11388, -8.25883