Centro de Estágios / Complexo Desportivo e de Lazer do Monte de Prado


If you’re a sports fan, you’ve certainly heard about the notable Centro de Estágios de Melgaço, integrated in the Complexo Desportivo e de Lazer do Monte do Prado. Inaugurated in 2001, this infrastructure is prepared to welcome athletes from many sports and all competition levels, being one of the main investments on the so called sports tourism by the municipality. The Centro de Estágios is composed of a soccer stadium with a capacity for 1700 spectators, athletic track, training field, shower rooms, health club, gymnasium, treatment rooms and massage. This is where professional athletes train and where some important meetings take place. It’s also worth mentioning that this training centre was officialized by UEFA and appointed as training centre for Euro 2004. Besides the wide area assigned for sport meetings, in which the Centro de Estágios is inserted, there's also a vast leisure area with a hotel, a youth hostel, two tennis courts, a picnic park, a mini golf field, a playground, a natural amphitheatre, a fitness circuit and an area for aquatic recreation with a pool and an artificial lake. These equipments are meant for the general public and can be used by everyone on their spare time. Don’t miss spending an afternoon at the original pool. You’ll be delighted with the water jets and the pleasant bar with its esplanade. Come discover one of the most modern and better equipped sports compound in the country, whether for leisure or sport activities.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

42.115563, -8.2739155